Female adult of Poecilocoris lewisi.

Overwintering nymph of P. lewisi.

Nymph of P. lewisi sucking peanut in cup.

Male adult of Poecilocoris splendidulus.

Overwintering colony of Eucorysses grandis.

Adults and nymphs of P. lewisi on the lid.

Big Japanese chilopod with his friend.

Brazilian ant distributed near Iguassu fall.

3rd instar nymph of African assassin bug.

Drunken adult of Band-legged Ground Cricket, Dianemobius nigrofasciatus.

Nymphs of P. splendidulus playing at "Jungle gym".

The redback widow, Latrodectus hasseltii, once distributed in Osaka.

The Scutellerid bug P. splendidulus sucking "Hassaku". #1

The photo #2 in the same situation as above.

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